Building Blocks OT offers a wide variety of tailored, tried-and-tested groups to suit various needs. 

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Ready Set School website1Our Term 4 School Readiness program for pre-schoolers.


holiday-handwritingWe run handwriting groups for school-aged children every holiday period.


A Social Thinking curriculum to help with peer play and social interactions.


Part II of the Social Thinking CurriculumFollowing on from Incredible Flexible You, we have Part II of the Social Thinking curriculum.


An exciting super hero based Social Thinking program designed to develop flexible thinking for school-aged children.


A fun program designed for children with limited dietsA fun program designed for pre-school aged children with limited diets.


resizedimage600191-fantastic-finger-fun-logo_2A fun program for pre-school aged children designed to develop fine motor skills.


resizedimage422154-sensmotFollowing on from Fantastic Finger Fun, this program helps prepare little hands for writing.


resizedimage600102-BB-All-Stars-logo-finalBB All Stars is a program designed to help children develop skills for team sports.