The central point of Paediatric Speech Therapy is to help children find the best way to communicate to meet their needs.

A Speech Pathologist will provide strategies to improve speech clarity or fluency, or signs, symbols (such as visual representations), gestures, and other forms associated with communication.

A child with a speech delay or additional needs may have:

  • Problems speaking or being understood by other people (Expressive Language),
  • Problems understanding what others say or mean (Receptive Language),
  • Frustration because they can’t express themselves or be understood,
  • Voice disturbances such as a stutter, husky voice, tongue-tie,
  • Problems eating or swallowing,
  • Problems with literacy.

As a child grows and develops, their communication needs become more complex.  Children with additional needs may require intense intervention to help them achieve their communication goals.  For example, one child may need help becoming consistent expressing their basic wants through a simple word or gesture, while another child may need help to stay on topic in conversations.

At Building Blocks OT, Speech & Physio, our Speech Pathologist will look at your child’s ability to communicate their wants and needs, using a play-based approach, in individual or group therapy settings.

For any enquiries about our Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy services, please call us on 9482 3082 or email hello@bbot.com.au