We Thinkers! Social Thinking

Part II of the Social Thinking Curriculum

‘We Thinkers!’, also known as ‘Social Problem Solvers’, is Part II of the highly successful ‘The Incredible Flexible You’ Social Thinking curriculum.

We Thinkers! builds on the five basic social thinking concepts of ‘The Incredible Flexible You’ program with five new storybooks and concepts including concepts such as:

  • Hidden rules
  • Expected and unexpected behaviours
  • Flexible and stuck thinking
  • Size of the problem

The We Thinkers! reflects the idea that learning should be interactive and playful and it accomplishes this through a multi-sensory curriculum that teaches children pivotal interaction skills.

Note: We Thinkers! is sequential.  Children need to have successfully learnt the concepts of The Incredible Flexible You before undertaking this second course.

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