Fabulous Food Play Group

A fun program designed for children with limited diets

Our Fabulous Food Play group is designed to encourage children to interact with food in a fun, non-threatening environment. We use graded exposure and predictable safe routines to increase a child’s tolerance and acceptance of the look, smell and feel of foods.

The food play group runs during school terms and is generally aimed at children who have not yet started school. We also now run a holiday intensive for school aged children.

Click here for our 2019 All Groups registration form if you would like to register for the holiday intensive group.

Developed by a Senior OT, our Food Play group uses elements of the SOS Feeding Therapy protocol to offer food experiences in a fun play format.

This program offers EXPOSURE to various food items, and the option for messy and creative interaction with food without the expectation of consumption. It is lots of fun and your child will show marked improvements as a result.

Click here for our Fabulous Food Play flyer

Please contact us for more information, to discuss your child’s individual needs, or to request a registration form for Term time groups for preschoolers..