Holiday Handwriting

Our Holiday Handwriting Happenings is a program designed for school-aged children to help develop strategies for better skills around handwriting, such as posture, pencil grasp, NSW Foundation letter formations, organisation (spacing, size, alignment) as well as the advanced skills of creative writing and persuasive writing, and NAPLAN expectations.

Registration forms for upcoming groups can be found here.  

Our groups run every school holidays with the following programs:

FUN FINGERS (Kindy – Year 2)

Reinforce correct posture and grasp, consolidate letter formations, learn writing rules of alignment, spacing and size
Creative writing FUN!

HAPPY HANDS (Years 3 – 6) Based on Demand

Correct grasp / posture errors, organisation of written output, improved legibility and the need for speed
Consolidate skills of narratives, recounts and developing cursive output.

HIT IT HIGH (Early High School) Based on Demand

Organisation of written output, improved legibility and the need for speed
Correct grasp / posture errors
Consolidate skills of narratives, recounts, and more.
Consolidate cursive output.


Please see our Holiday Handwriting Fun FLYER for more information.
Our registration forms can be found here.
Contact us if you wish to express interest in a group not listed on the registration form.