Sensorimotor Prewriting

What is Sensorimotor?

Before you can write it, you have to feel it in your own body!

What is up, down, middle, right and left?

How do we go around?

Children will learn these fundamental prewriting concepts through sensorimotor fun.

The skills involved in learning to write are called prewriting skills. These include the sensorimotor skills that contribute to a child holding and using a pencil, and the ability to draw, copy, and colour.

This prewriting group is designed to help your child master the skills necessary for successful formation of letters and numbers.

It focuses on development of sensorimotor components required for letter formations, and gives children a solid motor foundation for a task that is taught predominantly in a visual way at school. It helps develop correct formations, spatial awareness and directionality and helps prevent reversals.

Please see the Sensorimotor Prewriting Group Flyer for further information.  If you think your child would benefit from this program, please contact us to find out when our next group starts.