Social Thinking curriculum for our primary-aged children

Introducing Superflex, our Social Thinking Superhero!

The goal of the Superflex curriculum is to provide a fun, motivating way to improve a child’s social and behavioural flexibility and to ultimately develop better self-monitoring and social behaviour.  The concept is based on the idea that we all have a superhero, ‘Superflex’, in our brains, and that he is constantly battling the Team of Unthinkables (a variety of unexpected behaviours) such as Rock Brain and Space Invader, who may try to stop us being good social thinkers.  Children will be able to identify their own Team of Unthinkables and learn Superflexible Strategies to defeat them, including the Very Cool Five-Step Power Plan.

Superflex is aimed at children who are entering Year 1, up to Year 6 level.  Groups are generally made up of 3-6 children and children are grouped as well as possible with suitable partners.

For more information refer to our FLYER

As we need to match and partner children appropriately, we must meet and assess your child’s suitability prior to enrolment.  Please contact us if you think this group might be appropriate for your child. Please see the registration forms for dates and times.

The registration form is available on our GROUPS page, here.

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