We have a range of presentations on a variety of topics that are suitable for parents and/or teaching staff.
Topics include:
• Sensory Processing Difficulties in the classroom
• Supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in mainstream classrooms
• School readiness
• Handwriting Difficulties
All talks are practical and interactive and often include hands-on practice of strategies.
Handouts are included and you are permitted to record the presentation if you wish.

Talks can be customized to meet the needs of your staff.
Our training and education rate as at February 2017 is $180 per hour plus travel.


We offer screening to preschools and schools.
This is run in your preschool/school environment following parent permission.

Preschool screenings are often individual or small group, depending on need. Tasks are provided to enable us to assess fine motor, gross motor, attention, regulation or other developmental concerns. A written parent summary as well as teacher feedback is provided. Call us to discuss costs based on whether it is individual and parent pays (claimable on Private Health Insurance), or whole class and school pays.

At school, we screen Kindergarten, Year 3, Year 5 and Year 9 students. For Kindergarten, this includes fine motor observations of grasp, posture, writing and copywriting, cut, draw and colour skills as well as gross motor and bilateral coordination assessment. For primary age students, we conduct observations of grasp and posture, Standardised Testing of Handwriting Speed and Visual Motor Integration, as well as legibility and quantity over a 10 minute timed task.

The cost for whole class screening of up to 25 students is $310 per class and includes written parent and teacher feedback.


Given our strong reputation and focus on building relationships, we have established ourselves as a preferred provider at many local schools. This is often an informal arrangement rather than a contractual agreement, whereby permission is granted by the principal, following provision of WWC and Registration documents, as well as abidance by DOE policies and procedures, to provide therapy for students onsite. Teachers can then directly refer students to Building Blocks Occupational Therapy and therapy can be provided at school, in the classroom or by withdrawal, whichever suits the child and teacher needs. We love working in the child’s natural environment to help them generalise skills and enjoy working collaboratively with teachers, learning from each other.

Under this model we provide additional complimentary services to the school. In addition, as Principal, it gives you more control over external professionals visiting and can reduce the number of disruptions across the day caused when multiple professionals may be visiting multiple students. We can also build relationships with staff over time and understand your schools particular philosophy and approach. Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss